Unleashing Your Closet Genie

Sometimes don’t you just wonder where all the creativity in the World has disappeared? I mean … and please bear with me here because I’m not criticizing … just lamenting the fact that so many of us are trying to be creative but somehow find it easier to fall for the easy option of just copying or tweaking on existing creativity. Take the movies for example, all the re-makes? It’s just that I get saddened by the fact that there must surely be so many amazingly creative and artistic people out there who are failing to follow their true potential by rather sticking to the ‘known-winning-same-old-formulas’, instead of trusting in their beautiful and unique selves to produce something totally distinctive. Sure, you may not appeal to the mainstream, or even the numerous sub-streams out there but I seriously believe that within each and every one of us there lurks a creative Genie, desperate to break free and strut its stuff, regardless of any criticism, or negativity.

So the next time you feel ‘stuck’, ‘blocked’ or ‘in a hole’, just grab your favorite pencil, paintbrush or stylus and blank canvas, paper or iPad (whatever your poison or passion) and without looking at other peoples’ work or style and especially without trying to be influenced by anyone else, no matter how much you admire them or want to be like them, simply allow yourself to unleash your Inner Genie out of it’s Closet. Steady those shaking unbelieving hands  and allow your Genie to take control and wreck havoc, hilarity or honestly gorgeous work for you on your chosen foil. By giving ourselves permission to allow the pure joy of unbridled creativity to flow freely with no prejudice or self inflicted criticism, now that is the start and that is where the honesty of true creativity lies. The Saxophonist