The Virus Made Us Do It

Like millions of people around the world we suddenly found ourselves plunged into a new world order which can best be described as an environment where the only thing we could be certain of was UN-certainty. Also, for a while, we found we had something that had been severely lacking in the 2020BCE (Before Covid Era) world  – Time. So not knowing, and still not knowing, how things would or will turn out we decided after years of creating artwork and running our own galleries and market stalls to fully embrace the online world. Finally, here we are with our brand new website and our brand new Instagram account with our one follower (thank you) but with many ideas of new directions and possibilities.

Future directions will likely include online demonstrations and tutorials, an expansion into downloadable content and collaborative creation. We will also be adding new original and print series work regularly and expanding our range of fine art photography. If anyone would like to be included in these updates follow us on Instagram and/or subscribe to our newsletter.