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The Virus Made US Do It

Like millions of people around the world we suddenly found ourselves plunged into a new world order which can best be described as an environment where the only thing we could be certain of was UN-certainty. Also, for a while, we found we had something that had been severely lacking in 2020BCE…


Unleashing Your Closet Genie

Sometimes don’t you just wonder where all the creativity in the World has disappeared? I mean … and please bear with me here because I’m not criticizing … just lamenting the fact that so many of us are trying to be creative but somehow find it easier to fall for the easy option of just copying or tweaking on existing creativity. Take the movies for example, all the re-makes? It’s just that I get saddened by the fact that there must surely be so many amazingly creative and artistic people out there who are failing to follow their true potential by rather sticking to the ‘known-winning-same-old-formulas’, instead of trusting in their beautiful and unique selves to produce something totally distinctive.

How to ‘Capture’ Art

Capturing that ‘Picture in your Head’ can be one of the most frustrating and yet also most rewarding parts of being an artist. Just like an author writing a novel or a composer working on a piece of music, there seems to be an enormous variety of individual approaches to the creative process. Some artists report seeing the entire picture in total completion in their ‘mind’s eye’ before they put brush to paper. Just like many authors say that they have the entirety of a complex plot, with all the characters, subplots and intrigues filled neatly away in their minds. Others, often referred to as “Pantsers’ for ‘flying by the seat of their pants’,  have no idea where their first lines are going to take them or where the lines of their charcoal pencil will merge.